special clinics & events


Camp of Champions A & M offers specialized athletic clinics and camps, hosts various fundraising events, and partners with other worthy local charities.


Serving the Coachella Valley Since 2008

Impacting Youth Through Athletics, Accountability, & Reward

health & activity through athletics


In partnership with the Desert Ice Castle,

Camp of Champions offers hockey programs that inspire and promote activity in youth.

Athletics & academics


Camp of Champions A & M partners with middle schools and high schools to incentivize students who are at risk of expulsion or failure to graduate.

Mission statement & objectives


Discover our mission statement

and the objectives of our organization.

Athletic & Academics Awards Event

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Palm Springs Lions Club Free Vision Screening

Ears4me Free Hearing Screening & Aids

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camp of champions'  mission,  programs, & impact

Motivational school programs


Camp of Champions A & M partners with elementary and middle schools to provide an athletics-based, powerful program of incentive and reward.