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Soccer Balls

to Costa Rica

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Variety of the Desert.


with special guest, Lamond Murray​​

It is such a privilege for Camp of Champions to donate its sports-themed inflatables for Variety of the Desert's annual bicycle giveaway.  For nearly two decades, Variety of the Desert supporters have pledged to give a new bicycle and helmet to Coachella Valley fourth grade students who are selected by their teachers for demonstrating good character and citizenship.

It is our pleasure to provide entertainment for these well-deserving youth!

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Camp of Champions proudly provides coaches and players to volunteer with the annual ice sledding event.  As stated by Incight's Judy May, the 

all-ages ice sledding event demonstrates that "disabled people can do anything.  Sometimes, they just do it in a different way."

The NFL Players Association sponsored an exciting event that demonstrated that all people of all abilities are able to participate in athletics.  Camp of Champions was thrilled to be a part of this event by donating its sports-themed inflatables and equipment.  The event also featured wheelchair football, pizza, and entertainment by the break-out bank, The Yip Yops.

Partnering with Other Charities

Camp of Champions was honored to be able to send brand new, customs-designed soccer balls to an orphanage in Costa Rica.  Clearly, the kids were in need of new equipment.

camp of champions' international outreach

camp of champions partners with

variety of the desert's annual radiothon & bicycle giveaway


Camp of Champions is grateful for the support of these generous organizations and businesses.

camp of champions partners with iNcight disability services'

annual sled hockey event 

Thank you to Acura of the Desert, Honda of the Desert, Toyota of the Desert, Cadillac & Chevrolet of La Quinta for their donation to these soccer balls.

palm spring district

​​​​​Camp of Champions is grateful for the generous donation of the LA84 Foundation, allowing for the


of a new





Rosie Casals & Tory Fretz

​​​​Camp of Champions is grateful for the generous donation of Variety of the Desert, allowing

for the purchase

of a new truck.


with special guest, Skip Fredricks

​​​​Camp of Champions is grateful for the generous donation of Big Horn Cares, allowing for the purchase of a trailer for the storage and

transportation of

all of our equipment.

Camp of Champions strives to positively impact the lives of youth within the community.  We hope to inspire healthy choices for a brighter future.

Clearly, there are many forces within our communities that work to derail youth from realizing bright and promising futures.  

At Camp of Champions, we are often reminded and encouraged that each of us has the potential to positively touch the lives of others.  Tim Ingram recalls one such powerful experience.

Camp of Champions was visiting an elementary school located in a community that is plagued by gang activity.  At the end of each clinic, each student is given a certificate of achievement to take home.  On this particular day, after all the "high-fives" and distribution of the certificates, one student's parent was late to pick him up.  Kevin helped me clean up until, eventually, a very rough-looking man arrived to pick him up.

Kevin was so excited about his time at Camp of Champs and he ran up to the man to show him his certificate.  The man looked at the certificate, looked at me, and then proceeded to tear up the certificate.  He dropped it on the ground, grabbed Kevin by the arm, and dragged him away, even as the young boy was trying to pick up the pieces.  I watched Kevin's transformation from jubilant to devastated, and my heart was broken.

Several weeks later, I was in the same area and stopped to get a drink at 7-11.  I noticed Kevin with two friends riding their bikes.  They jumped off and enthusiastically approached me to say hello.  I questioned them on whether they were being good and staying out of trouble.  Kevin quickly piped up and told me that his uncle, who had picked him up at school, and gone back to jail.  He shared that he and his friends has started a gang patrol on their bicycles to protect their neighborhood.  I commended them and cautioned them to be careful and safe, and then Kevin asked if I had another certificate.  I pulled one out of my van for him, so grateful to replace the one that had been destroyed.  I gave each of the boys a custom Camp of Champs' soccer ball.  With grins on their faces, they went on their way, while I struggled to contain my emotion.

I am often approached by youth and parents who share with me just how much their experience at Camp of Champions had an impact.  It is such a privilege to invest in these young lives. 

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with special guest, Jerome "Pooh" Richardson


camp of champions partners with

the NFL players association