It is the objective of Camp of Champions that participants:

  • Establish and attain healthy goals
  • Learn the importance of making positive choices that result in positive personal outcomes
  • Realize accomplishments through positive rewards and encouragement.

In addition, it is the objective of Camp of Champions to:

  • Educate youth participants on the value of engaging in physical activity on a regular basis
  • ​Encourage the continuation of positive choices and goal setting in daily life in all areas of life
  • Provide educators with a practical and viable resource to serve as both incentive and reward


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Through participation in Camp of Champions' motivational programs, we anticipate approximately 20,000 non-duplicated youth annually will improve their school attendance, grades, and academic acumen; improve their health by engaging in regular activity; learn leadership skills; and realize life skills, such as accountability, responsibility, and perseverance.

Camp of Champions enjoys broad local support.

"There is no such thing as a 'self-made' man.  We are made up of thousands of others.  Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the make-up of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our success."

- George Matthew Adams

Preparing Today's Youth to Become Tomorrow's Champions


The mission of Camp of Champions A & M is to encourage youth to establish and attain healthy goals, primarily through rewards-based sports clinics and athletic programs, offered to elementary, middle, and high school students in and around the Coachella Valley.  It is our vision to impact the lives of youth encouragement, reward, physical activity, and accountability.  We are devoted to preparing today's youth to become tomorrow's champions.


Established:  2008

Status:  501(c)3

Serving:  The Coachella Valley & surrounding areas

Recipients:  Elementary, Middle, & High School Students

The impetus for Camp of Champions A & M was a soccer clinic offered by the Ingrams to the principal of the elementary school where their children attended. Having moved from Canada and thus being new to American school system, they soon discovered that their school, long with many Coachella Valley schools, was falling short of the English and Math standards set by the federal program, "No Child Left Behind."

With Tim Ingram's extensive background in sports and working with youth, he offered to do a free after-school soccer clinic to reward students ​who made improvements.  The principal anticipated perhaps twenty students to achieve the goal of improved reading scores.  In the ensuing weeks, teachers encouraged their students with the incentive to attend the soccer clinic.  The response from the students was phenomenal.  The principal called to say the seventy-seven students has raised their reading levels. The sports clinic was highly effective in incentivizing the students.  

As word spread, additional schools contacted the Ingrams and Camp of Champions was born.

When I was an impressionable young seven-year-old boy, I played hockey and had a hero, like so many children.  My hero was Rogie Vachon, a goalie who played for the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL.  I would spend hours at my desk drawing pictures of this legend, trying to find the courage to send him a letter and one of my drawings.  Finally, I sent him one of my drawings and a short letter explaining how I wanted to be a great goalie one day, just like him.  Life carried on and I forgot about sending my drawing and letter.

​Returning from school one day, my mother greeted me and said there was something waiting for me in my room.  I eagerly went to my room and, much to my surprise, there was a letter from Rogie Vachon, my hero!  The correspondence contained kind words of encouragement, telling me that I could be an even better hockey player than him if I committed to work hard and stay out of trouble.  He thanked me for taking my valuable time to write him and stated how much it meant to him to receive my picture.  It was a moment I have never forgotten.  His act of kindness and encouragement changed my life.

​It seemed so simple, and I only had that one moment of connection with Rogie Vachon, yet to this day it is indelibly in my mind and it impacted my life.  I was blessed to receive an athletic scholarship for my university education, and went on to play both professional hockey and soccer.  I know Rogie Vachon's words of encouragement helped to shape my life. 

My experience with my childhood hero was an impetus for the development of Camp of Champions A & M.  Seeking opportunities to speak encouragement into the lives of youth is the mission of Camp of Champions.  Our programs are vehicles to inspire youth by promoting growth, character, accountability, athletics, activity, and academics.  Parents, teachers, principals, and students have relayed to us the impact Camp of Champions has on young lives.  It is a privilege and a blessing.


Thank you for your support that has made it all possible!


Mr. Tim Ingram

President & Director

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